Globus Baumarkt and Delfi roll-out Displaydata ESLs

Deployment of 55,000 displays per shop offers new opportunities for optimising pricing. Displaydata’s Electronic Shelf Labels have been rolled-out with our partner Delfi in Globus Baumarkt stores across Germany.

Globus Baumarkt starts ESL roll-out with Delfi Technologies

Dimensions at the German DIY chain Globus Baumarkt, are a lot bigger compared to many other stores, as there are over a million individual products due to it being a DIY store. This means that thousands of price tags and articles have to be kept track of – a task that is both time and resource consuming for the many employees in order to maintain a reliable labeling quality.

After a six month test phase, Globus Baumarkt decided to start the roll-out in order to use the same synergy effects gained in the pilot in the other stores. Delfi Technologies delivers an electronic shelf label solution to optimise daily operations, pricing strategy, communication and ultimately increase sales.

Globus Baumarkt uses approximately 55,000 displays per shop in 7 different sizes ranging from 1.6 inches to 12.5 inches throughout the store. In addition, Delfi Technologies has supplied a variety of fixtures for the ESLs, some of which have been developed specifically for Globus.

Electronic shelf labels are much more than just digital prices at Globus DIY.

Before the introduction of ESL’s, the DIY store used traditional paper labels in order to label their products. This meant that, on the one hand, a lot of paper was used and time was invested, as employees had to change the signs manually, and on the other hand, the information on the labels was only static and not particularly flexible.

“We decided to roll out with Delfi because the handling is very simple and user-friendly for the branches. In addition, Delfi supported us in the implementation of the entire templates, data connection and fastening. The Delfi Breece Mobile Assist solution is particularly characterised by the intuitive user guidance and the handling at the shelf”, says Daniel Palmer – Head of Organisation at Globus hardware store Coordination.

The electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies not only show and update prices digitally via Globus’ own merchandise management system, but also provide the company with opportunities like never before for optimising price adjustments on the labels. On the MDE devices already in use at Globus, the Breece Mobile Assist was additionally installed, with which more than 80 different templates can be used. Globus uses, among other things, pictograms, arrows, multifacing and a number guidance system on almost all display types to support the customer and offer an even better shopping experience.

[1] Globus, headquartered in Völklingen, Saarland, currently operates a total of 90 Globus hardware stores. With more than 9,400 employees and a turnover of 1.9 billion euros, the company is one of the most important DIY stores in Germany. In the Globus stores, the customer is at the centre of all activities. With over 60,000 articles, Globus offers a comprehensive assortment. Every do-it-yourselfer and craftsman, from beginner to professional, will find everything they need and much more.

[2] Delfi Technologies is a European IT company that develops and distributes barcode solutions related to product identification and electronic shelf labels – primarily for the retail, warehouse, logistics and healthcare industries. Delfi Technologies has grown strongly in recent years and today has more than 110 employees with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and Vietnam.