We help retailers optimise revenues and margins by improving the customer experience at the shelf-edge where most purchasing decisions are made. Our electronic shelf labels, with the option of integrated Bluetooth, enable retailers to:

  • Achieve unprecedented agility – in seconds they can refresh labels anywhere to launch engaging promotions, display updated stock levels, social reviews, language and currency details and change prices (ensuring accuracy across all channels)
  • Improve operational efficiencies and free staff up to spend more time with customers
  • Know which promotions work and to present offers to customers based on their location in-store
  • Move quickly as market conditions change, to simplify the introduction of new products and to easily mark down perishable stock.

We do this through the clearest, brightest and most eye-catching Electronic Shelf Labels available. We were the first to introduce a fully graphical 3-colour label to deliver eye-catching pricing and promotions and lead this category, having shipped millions of labels. Our labels are part of an architecture designed in partnership with retailers to be enterprise ready. Our trusted platform is simple to install and needs the least amount of in-store hardware of any vendor. It’s also built to connect with big data and point of sale systems, to accelerate the shift in pricing, promotions and inventory from intuition to a science-based, highly flexible approach. Our wireless network is completely secure, while our intuitive but robust software enables the centralised management of any number of labels across any number of stores – from a single server at your headquarters.

Displaydata is led by highly experienced retail executives, display Engineers and Scientists. Our research and development centre devotes its time to helping retailers offer more engaging experiences in-store, achieve super-agile pricing and promotions, and find new ways to increase loyalty among today’s tech-savvy and connected customers.