Create retail experiences that are more engaging, rewarding, personalised – and profitable

As well as the ability to change prices and promos on any shelf, anywhere, in seconds, with our Electronic Shelf Labels you can do much more. From improving in-store efficiencies, to freeing associates to spend more time with customers, to engaging with smartphones in-aisle, now’s the time to bring the store into the digital future.

Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels

Pricing with agility

Supercharged agility – change price and promos on one shelf, or millions, anywhere, in seconds. Know your prices are correct, always.

Improve service

Free associates from label changes to focus on customers.

Reduce cost

Accelerate in-store processes – e.g. stock takes. Remove printing and logistics costs for paper-based labels.

Grow margins

Easily graduate price changes over time to protect margins, avoid flash sales and reduce wastage.

Inform and engage

Engage customers in new ways, from location-based offers to augmented reality, and more.

Profit from data

With limitless label changes, execute all price and promo changes recommended by your big data systems.

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Connect with your customers in new and engaging ways

Price accuracy

Manage millions of labels across thousands of stores from a single location, with 100% accuracy. More easily align prices across channels.

Price with agility

Change prices and promos in near real time to match the agility of online competitors.

Connect in-store

Connect in-aisle using NFC and augmented reality. Create a seamless experience by using search, social and purchase data to personalise offers to smartphones.


Build confidence with customers that prices are aligned across channels and are always correct in-store.

Grow your income

Partner with brands to promote their products on your labels.

Inform customers

Show product, price, promos, stock levels, social reviews, competitors’ prices and much more, and push personalised offers using location-based Bluetooth beacons.

Operations Cut costs and boost efficiencies

Enhance service

Reduce inventory and replenishment times to free your team to serve customers and create a great store experience.

Dress to impress

To help your teams dress the store as you intended, flip labels to provide planogram advice and use QR codes on labels to open merchandising tuition videos on mobile devices.

Ensure accuracy

With our labels sending 2-way messages to HQ, you can confirm price and promo changes have been made, while an audit trail is created too.

Reduce costs

With digital pricing, you can save money on label printing and logistics costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Please your associates

Free your team from laborious price changes that no one enjoys and accelerate tasks such as merchandising and inventory management.

Meet compliance

Show required info to avoid compliance issues, e.g. origin, currency and more. Confirm to brands that products are located correctly and guide associates to put products on the right shelf.

IT Make life simpler – with the only centrally managed,
scalable and easier to install enterprise grade ESL solution

Catch eyes

Our ESLs are the clearest, most colourful and eye-catching available. You can also remotely monitor and optimise them.

Speed installation

Build your ESL platform around our secure, enterprise class solution that needs the least amount of hardware of any ESL vendor.

Interference free

Our wireless communicators connect in-store labels to your HQ, self-register and run in the sub-1 GHz frequency. They’re efficient too – each covers 50,000 square feet and controls up to 200,000 labels.

Reduce costs

Lowest cost installation and maintenance using the least amount of hardware in-store of any vendor.

Remote OTA updates

Update every label, on any shelf, Over The Air (OTA) – in seconds – and there’s no need to remove labels for firmware updates.

Create audit trails

Two-way communication between the ESLs and your HQ ensures an audit trail and confirms that key changes, such as price updates, have taken place.

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Our electronic shelf labels

The world’s best Electronic Shelf Labels. Run by a truly enterprise-class solution using only a single server instance. Our labels are recognised as being the brightest, sharpest and having the most consistent colours available.

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About Displaydata

Our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) bring the shelf-edge into the Internet of Things era, helping to create shopping experiences that are more engaging, rewarding and personalised – and profitable. We help retailers optimise sales and margin at the shelf-edge, where 90% of purchases are still made.

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