From your HQ, you can centrally manage and control our electronic shelf labels to remotely change prices and promotions – across one store or thousands – in seconds. This helps you optimise revenues and margins by improving the customer experience at the shelf edge, where 80% of purchasing decisions are made. We typically see sales within a specific category increase by up to 6% where our electronic labels are installed, and margin by 2% to 3%.


Our Electronic Shelf Labels can also save time and money if you work in industry too. This is especially so across operations that require the labelling and movement of stock in, across and out of your business.


"Displaydata’s ESLs have transformed the way we run the fruit and vegetable areas of our stores: we can reduce prices in just a few moments, on any shelf, anywhere – all centrally managed. This flexibility allows us to use price reductions more strategically to protect margins and reduce waste. And, our staff are freed up to focus much more time on our customers."
Steffen Hartelt, Business Consulting Vertrieb, Kaufland Group

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Retail markets don’t come more competitive than the mobile phone sector. And here, Klaus Slamanig, Vice President Shops, T-Mobile, talks about the deployment of our labels across stores in Austria, which has seen a 40% saving in material costs and employee hours along with the ability to change prices – accurately – across every store in minutes.

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B&H Photo Video

"Using Displaydata’s enterprise solution, we can easily align online and in-store prices and further improve the shopping experience for customers by offering timely price and promotions, in seconds. What’s more our associates are freed from labelling tasks to spend more time with customers," Gaurav Hemdev, VP Applications.

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“We’ve received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our employees and customers,” says Ave Makke, Head of Sales Department, AS Tallink Duty Free. The company is using Displaydata’s ESLs to ensure accuracy and align prices across its stores on ships and in ports while enhancing the customer experience."

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COOP Denmark

"The Displaydata solution can do so much for us," says Kresten Haubo, Warehouse Director, Kvickly Jyllinge. Click here to see more about how we’re helping Kvickly Jyllinge save $104,000 a year, free up two to three staff members per week, reduce wastage, optimise replenishment and improve customer service.

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ORANGE Slovakia

Orange Slovakia is another mobile store that’s using our electronic shelf labels to change shelf-edge prices centrally. It’s using the labels to display detailed product information, free staff to look after customers and reduce costs by changing pricing and promos remotely and dynamically. 

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