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The Displaydata solution can do so much for us. We can use it to make our operations more efficient, launch promotions more effectively, and differentiate our stores from our competitors in the retail market. Kresten Haubo, Warehouse Director, Kvickly Jyllinge Coop


The convenience retailer needed a simple, light-touch infrastructure that could be installed quickly and effortlessly and that would save employees time and deliver strong ROI. Price errors also needed to be eliminated.


Coop Denmark switched from paper shelf labels to electronic shelf labels developed by Displaydata, alongside Nordic Partner, Delfi Technologies A/S. The fully graphic ESLs were first implemented in the Kvickly Jyllinge Coop store, ahead of a wider rollout.


Installation was fast and hassle-free, with almost 12,000 Electronic Shelf Labels introduced in less than 48 hours. The new solution is already delivering over and above expectations, supercharging productivity and profitability.

Associates' time is freed up to focus on service, stocking, and merchandising. Price changes and promotions are now near-instant, and price errors have been totally eliminated. Smart price reductions are also reducing the waste associated with perishable products.

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Unsere Elektronischen Regaletiketten

Unsere weltweit besten elektronischen Regaletiketten basieren auf einer echten Enterprise-Lösung mit nur einer Server Instanz und gelten als die Etiketten mit den hellsten, schärfsten und farbstabilsten Displays auf dem Markt.

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Unsere elektronischen Regaletiketten (ESLs) heben Regale in die Ära des Internet der Dinge, indem sie Einkaufserlebnisse schaffen, die ansprechender, lohnender und umfassender personalisiert sind – und profitabler. Wir helfen Einzelhändlern, Umsatz und Margen in ihren Filialen zu optimieren, wo immer noch 90 % aller Einkäufe getätigt werden.

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