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Making the most of margins with one of Europe’s biggest grocers

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Displaydata’s ESLs have transformed the way we run the fruit and vegetable areas of our stores: We can reduce prices in just a few moments, on any shelf, anywhere – all centrally managed. This flexibility allows us to use price reductions more strategically to protect margins and reduce waste. And our associates are freed up to focus much more time on our customers. Steffen Hartelt, Business Consulting Vertrieb, Kaufland Group


Kaufland operates in seven countries across the continent with 1,270 stores and over 148,000 employees. Known as an innovative business, it wanted to find a more agile way to promote offers, react to competitors’ changes, and increase the frequency of price markdowns to protect margins. It also looked to reduce the amount of time associates spend manually adjusting labels, to provide a better service to customers and cut operational costs associated with paper-based labeling.


Following an extensive review process, Kaufland selected Displaydata’s enterprise ESL solution. This was based on the solution being the most efficient to install and manage, and requiring the least amount of hardware in-store of any ESL vendor. For its in-store displays, Kaufland selected Displaydata’s Chroma 74 ESLs based on their quality and consistency of color. The large size (182 x 122 x 15 mm) fully graphic three-color labels (red, black, and paper white) provide a flexible canvas for Kaufland to draw attention to offers and can display a wider range of information. The labels are being rolled out in Kaufland’s 1,270 stores across Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, and Bulgaria.


Kaufland can make unlimited price changes on any label, anywhere, in seconds. This versatility enables Kaufland to react quickly to competitors’ offers, while using price in a more strategic way – it can graduate markdowns as sell-by dates near, to incentivize sales, protect margins, and reduce waste. What’s more, in-store teams are freed up from continuous, time-consuming (and costly) labeling and have much more time for customers. As well as improving service, Displaydata’s ESLs also add value for the customer, with more detailed product information available on each label (such as nutritional values/source of origin and much more), while the assurance of 100% price accuracy builds trust, boosts loyalty, and upholds the reputation of the Kaufland brand.

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