Orange Slovakia

Effortless execution of timely promotions and price changes with Orange Slovakia

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Our original driver for investing in a digital display solution was the ability to update prices
 centrally and display detailed calling plans in-store but we also expect to achieve long-term cost savings in relation to labour and paper. Peter Dobos, Retail Sales & Sales Support Manager, Orange Slovakia


The telecoms provider was undergoing a nationwide store refurbishment programme and needed an innovative label solution that reflected their ‘early adopter’ ethos.


Orange Slovakia implemented Displaydata’s Electronic Shelf Labels across its refurbished stores. The clear displays show promotions and full product information to customers.


Implementation was quick and easy, helping streamline the nationwide store renewal programme. Orange Slovakia has achieved its aim of being able to update prices centrally. Creative, timely promotions are now effortless to execute, enabling the company to respond to competitor activity in real time.

Long-term savings are also expected – the Electronic Shelf Labels are saving associates time and reducing paper and printing costs. Frustrating and time-consuming price errors have also been eliminated, while Displaydata’s sleek digital displays complement the cutting-edge design of the new stores, boosting visual appeal.

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