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Our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) bring the shelf-edge into the Internet of Things era, helping to create shopping experiences that are more engaging, rewarding, and personalized. We help retailers optimize sales and margin at the shelf-edge, where 90% of purchases are still made.

The number one ESL vendor

Displaydata is the leader in the design and supply of fully graphic Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). We were first to market with three-color ESLs and continue to lead this category, having shipped millions of labels. We work in close partnership with many of the world’s largest retail brands and have operations in the U.S., Europe, LATAM, and Asia. We help retailers optimize revenues and margins by improving the customer experience at the shelf-edge, where most purchasing decisions are made.

Displaydata’s ESLs, with the option of integrated NFC, enable retailers to control and drive in-store pricing and promotions with speed, agility, and consistency. Fully graphic and available in three colors, the ESLs can display product, price, promotion, stock levels, social reviews, currency details, and much more. Displaydata’s ESLs are part of an architecture designed in partnership with retailers to be enterprise ready. The trusted platform is simple to install and needs the least amount of in-store hardware of any vendor. The wireless network is secure, and the robust software enables the management of any number of ESLs, across any number of stores, using a single server instance.

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Not only are we working in one of the most exciting and innovative industries around, we’re at the sharp edge of it. We help retailers create exciting and engaging content to better interact with, and influence, customers at the shelf-edge – where over 80% of buying decisions are still made. Our industry is also going through a huge period of growth, with analysts predicting that the market for electronic shelf labels will grow six-fold to $2 billion by 2019 (ABI Research). And, if you work with us, you’ll be joining a team of retail experts, scientists and engineers that will help your talent shine.

In addition to these exciting opportunities, we welcome general applications.

Andrew Dark, CEO

Andrew Dark, CEO

Andrew has been a Non-Executive or Board Director of Displaydata since 2005. He became interim CEO in 2012 and was appointed to the position full-time in July 2013. A highly experienced CEO, both of public and private companies, Andrew has a strong record of delivering business growth. He was previously CEO of mBlox Inc and, as CEO of DataCash plc, led the company through a period of 10X growth prior to its sale to MasterCard.

His retail experience spans over 40 years and includes senior roles with NCR, Dione, RIVA Group PLC, TEC and others. Andrew was also a Non-Executive Director of Paysafe Group plc through its phenomenal rise from London’s AIM market, through to its entry on to the main market and then becoming part of the FTSE 250. During his time on the board, he was Chairman Nominations Committee and latterly Chairman of the Risk Committee when it was taken private by CVC Capital Partners and Blackstone in 2017 for $3.9B. Andrew is also Chairman of Miura Systems Ltd., and a Director of New Era Sports Management (Digital) Ltd, and mobile ticketing company Corethree Ltd.

David Dix, SVP Solutions Development

David Dix, SVP Solutions Development

David joined Displaydata in 2003. He’s responsible for developing our product portfolio and creating our wireless communications solution, and he played a lead role in the design and development of our enterprise platform.

David has over 25 years’ experience in the design and development of hardware and software-based product solutions, specializing in low-cost, power-efficient wireless communications. He previously worked for Red-M, a start-up venture focused on the control and management of wireless networking, where he helped create an innovative Bluetooth wireless voice and data network. David is credited for developing the world’s first commercial Bluetooth module for PDAs.

John McEachran, SVP Operations

John manages Displaydata’s research and development site in Malvern, U.K., and oversees the company’s manufacturing, logistics, and supply-chain operations. His background is in high-tech electronics, including semiconductors, compound semiconductors, and displays. He joined Displaydata in 2007 to manage the move to high-volume manufacturing following senior roles at major brands including National Semiconductor, Fujitsu, GSK, Kamelain, and MED. John has extensive experience in global supply chain management and has a significant network of contacts in Asia.

Jon Varney, CFO

Jon Varney, CFO

Jon joined Displaydata as CFO in June 2012. Jon is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of international experience as a Finance Director for both public and private companies across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, aerospace, and technology. He has a strong pedigree in international mergers and acquisitions, and has worked with a broad range of institutional investors.

Prior to joining Displaydata, Jon held the position of CFO at Beecrypt, a specialist provider of software security solutions to the U.K. and U.S. governments, following on from his role of CFO then CEO at AIM-listed Conder Environmental plc. Jon gained FTSE 100 experience in the aerospace and defense sector as a Finance Director at both Smiths Group plc and TI Group plc. During this period he gained experience in setting up manufacturing facilities in the Far East and the implementation of lean manufacturing. Jon graduated in chemistry from Liverpool University, before joining Arthur Andersen, where he specialized in corporate recovery.

Our investors

Displaydata is backed by some of the world’s largest, most influential, and active Venture Capital (VC) and hedge funds.


Coller<br> Capital

A leading global private equity investor with $17 billion under management.



One of Europe’s oldest hedge funds, with £19 billion under management.

Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA)

Zebra <br> Technologies Corporation <span>(NASDAQ: ZBRA)</span>

Zebra acquired the Motorola Solutions business in 2014 and is a global information technology and services company with a market value of $4.6 billion.


We partner with companies across the world to deliver engaging in-store experiences.

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The world’s best Electronic Shelf Labels. Run by a truly enterprise-class solution using only a single server instance. Our labels are recognised as being the brightest, sharpest and having the most consistent colors available.

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About Displaydata

Our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) bring the shelf-edge into the Internet of Things era, helping to create shopping experiences that are more engaging, rewarding, and personalized – and profitable. We help retailers optimize sales and margin at the shelf-edge, where 90% of purchases are still made.

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