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In our connected, smartphone world, there’s a greater need to bridge the best of physical and virtual retailing. We call it One User Experience – OneUX.

This vision recognizes that, by harnessing digital technology and big data, stores will continue to be the heartbeat of retail, creating dynamic spaces that provide more interesting, personalized, and rewarding experiences.

Our ESLs create these spaces. Remotely changed in seconds, they allow you to more easily align prices across channels and deploy price and promo strategies with speed, accuracy, and consistency.

New services are supported too. Our ESLs allow you to send precisely targeted offers to smartphones based on people’s past purchases, search histories, and social media narratives. You can further connect with today’s tech-savvy customers in intriguing ways, using augmented reality to guide customers to items and send them location-based offers and rewards.

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Grow sales, margins, and income streams.

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Digitize the shelf-edge to boost basket sizes, grow margins, reduce waste, and develop new income streams.

Our ESLs create agile, connected spaces that allow you to remotely update any number of labels, anywhere, in seconds. Price and promo strategies can be deployed with speed, agility, and consistency to price match, get ahead of competitors, and respond quickly to big data insights. Freeing associates from manual label changes helps them focus on sales, while margins can be improved, too, by more easily graduating price reductions for overhanging stock or fresh goods. And, by showing competitors’ prices and social reviews, you can persuade customers who might be showrooming to buy from you.

The fully graphical ESLs can be used to highlight promos and, more personal, engaging, and rewarding offers can be sent to customers’ smartphones based on their buying behavior – from search histories to past purchases. What’s more, you can partner with brands to promote their products on your labels, growing income from shelf-edges that will be more agile, eye-catching – and profitable.

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More efficiency. Less cost.

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Digitize the store to deploy price and promo strategies with speed, agility, and consistency. Spend more time with customers, shrink costs, and grow margins.

Our eye-catching ESLs provide a blank canvas to automate the update of any shelf-edge, anywhere, in seconds – creating audit trails in the process. Such frictionless pricing frees associates to focus on customers while saving time and money.

Key processes are accelerated too. For instance, our Flash and Collect solution helps associates locate where stock needs to go, accelerating replenishment and returns management. And, with Scan to Position, associates can use a handheld computer to connect shelves with associated products to ease replenishment, online order fulfillment, and planogram compliance. Merchandising is improved too, with associates scanning QR codes on ESLs to view videos and planogram instructions to ensure the store is dressed as you intended.

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Big data’s changing everything. Take the lead.

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Outperform competitors, reward customers, and increase sales by making the changes recommended by your big data with supercharged speed, agility, and accuracy.

Our digital ESLs create connected stores that enable limitless label changes. If big data suggests matching competitors’ offers, it’s easy: You can change one shelf, at one location, or millions of labels, in every store, in seconds. Likewise, when big data insights identify product bundles that are selling well, it’s simple to create and distribute upsell content to the shelf-edge, and to replicate successful promos across stores.

Our ESLs put a name to data, enabling you to know who’s in-store. You can use insight into customers’ search histories, social interactions, purchases, and more, to send them precisely targeted offers to smartphones that are more engaging, rewarding – and profitable for you. What’s more, footfall data can be used to alert associates to customers who are dwelling in a certain area of the store, improving customer service.

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Entice. Excite. Engage.

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With our Internet of Things (IoT) enabled ESLs, create connected stores and digitize your shelf-edge to make limitless label changes in seconds, and build personal, interactive, and engaging experiences.

As well as ensuring prices are correct across channels, you can free associates from tedious manual pricing to serve customers. And, using our labels, you can not only monitor customer and associate behavior, but connect in new ways with the 90% of customers who use smartphones in-store.

You can further merge virtual and in-store experiences by displaying data that customers value online, such as competitors’ prices, stock levels, and social reviews. And, you can show any information – e.g., price per kilo, origin, recycling information, and much more. Brand experiences can also be promoted, such as cookery workshops, technology "how to" guides, and fitness classes.

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Our electronic shelf labels

The world’s best Electronic Shelf Labels. Run by a truly enterprise-class solution using only a single server instance. Our labels are recognised as being the brightest, sharpest and having the most consistent colors available.

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About Displaydata

Our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) bring the shelf-edge into the Internet of Things era, helping to create shopping experiences that are more engaging, rewarding, and personalized – and profitable. We help retailers optimize sales and margin at the shelf-edge, where 90% of purchases are still made.

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