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Harmonizing B&H’s in-store and online pricing and promotions

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Using Displaydata’s enterprise solution, we can easily align online and in-store
 prices and further improve the shopping experience for customers by offering 
timely prices and promotions, in seconds. Gaurav Hemdev, VP Applications, B&H Photo Video


B&H Photo Video’s thriving New York superstore ranges over 6,500 m2 and welcomes over 5,000 visitors daily. The company also has a strong social media following, with the majority of sales taking place online. B&H needed a smart, agile price and promotion solution to enhance its in-store experience and match the speed at which it can update prices online, ensuring alignment between in-store and the web.


B&H installed Displaydata’s three-color, fully graphic Electronic Shelf Labels, to help align pricing and promotions with speed, accuracy, and consistency. The labels are centrally and securely managed, via Displaydata’s easy-to-use enterprise platform.

B&H also created software for its handheld computers using Displaydata’s Dynamic Central API, which allows its sales associates to scan products and link them to a mapped location, ensuring the right labels are updated at the right time.


The B&H store contains thousands of electronic products, with many transmitting wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Most Electronic Shelf Label vendors use the 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum, which these products would interfere with. Displaydata’s solutions use the sub-1 GHz radio frequency range, enabling B&H to safely and effectively implement Electronic Shelf Label technology.

Managed centrally, in-store prices are updated remotely and in an instant. Alignment with online pricing is now effortless, too. B&H is able to remain competitive by changing prices in seconds, on the shelf-edge, in response to competitor activity and market changes. Associates are also freed up to spend more time assisting customers.

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