Displaydata 4-color Chroma ESLs

Displaydata to release four-color Electronic Shelf Labels

Displaydata, the world’s leading provider of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) for mass deployment at scale, has announced its new range of four-color e-Paper ESLs.

These combine global retail’s key promotional red and yellow colors with base black and white colors in a single display.

This additional color option gives retailers further scope to communicate promotions and special offers to their customers.

Displaydata has developed the new four-color ESL products by using the latest E Ink SpectraTM 3100 display technology platform. This is the latest innovation from a long-established partnership with E Ink, the leading innovator, and manufacturer in electronic ink technology, where Displaydata’s display engineering skills have brought many previous generations of product to market ahead of the rest of the industry.

The new premium displays will sit alongside the existing range of three-color Chroma ESLs on Displaydata’s Dynamic Cloud ESL management platform.

They will coexist on the ultra-low impact Displaydata wireless network. This super-range wireless system halves or more, the amount of in-store infrastructure required to drive ESLs.

Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink, said:

“E Ink is excited to work closely with Displaydata to create the Displaydata’s next-generation four-color ESL products with the latest Spectra 3100 platform. E Ink believes in strong partnerships to bring the best electronic shelf labels and signage solutions to retail markets.”

“Our next-generation display technology provides a significant improvement by incorporating four of the most commonly used colors in the retail industry and by bringing higher resolution to these tags and other signage.”

Andrew Dark, CEO of Displaydata, said:

“We are, as always delighted to be at the vanguard of the launch of a new product range with our long-time partner, E Ink.”

“As the global leader in rapid, large-scale deployments and the lifetime management of tens of millions of ESLs in the cloud, we have always been first to market with viable ESLs using the latest E Ink technology.”

“Spectra 3100 will broaden the range of solutions already deployed in their millions by our customers. We envisage a fourth color will be important for some specific categories within many retailer’s operations and complement our core three-color display.”

“Having these new premium displays work on our existing wireless network and Dynamic Cloud platform will simplify adoption for existing and new customers alike.”


Contact details and further information Danielle Hay, Head of Marketing, danielle.hay@displaydata.com +44 (0) 7920 469348. www.displaydata.com

Editor’s notes:

Displaydata is the leader in the design and supply of fully graphic electronic shelf labels.
Displaydata was the first to market with three-color ESLs and continues to lead this category, having shipped millions of labels worldwide.
Displaydata works in close partnership with many of the world’s largest retail brands and has operations in the US, Europe, LATAM, and Asia.
The company helps retailers optimize revenues and margins by improving the customer experience at the shelf edge where most purchasing decisions are made.
Displaydata’s ESLs enable retailers to control and drive in-store pricing and promotions with speed, agility, and consistency.
ESLs are part of an architecture designed in partnership with retailers to be enterprise-ready. The trusted platform is simple to install and needs the least amount of in-store hardware of any vendor. The wireless network is secure and the robust software enables the centralized management of any number of ESLs, across any number of stores.