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Displaydata ESLs create connected stores and digitise the shelf edge. Making limitless label changes in seconds, they help to build personal, interactive and engaging experiences.

Omni channel
Connect online to in-store
Facilitate consistent customer experience
Support ‘click and collect’ picking

The inherent versatility of Displaydata ESLs allows up to six pages of content to be displayed on each label. For example, you can show real-time customer reviews and use QR codes to display rich media such as provenance, nutrition and sustainability information.

It’s also easier and quicker to launch effective promotions. Graphics such as brand logos, loyalty programme systems and product imagery help drive sales and engage the customer. For example one of our retailers saw sales of a product line rise by 23% when they added a loyalty programme logo to a label.

Online shoppers are already used to being notified of compelling offers – from price reductions, to money-off coupons and rewards based on their preferences, purchase volumes and browsing history. Being able to use these tactics instore, at the shelf-edge, as shoppers think about a purchase can help to convert more sales.

Take the lead

Outperform competitors, reward customers and increase sales by making the changes recommended by your big data with supercharged speed, agility and accuracy.

If big data suggests matching competitors’ offers, it’s easy. Likewise when data insights identify product bundles that are selling well, it’s simple to create and distribute upsell content to the shelf-edge, and to replicate successful promos across stores.

Our ESLs put a name to data, enabling you to know who’s instore. You can use insight into customers’ search histories, social interactions, purchases and more to send them precisely targeted offers to smartphones that are more engaging, rewarding and profitable for you. You can further connect with today’s tech-savvy customers in intriguing ways, using augmented reality to guide customers to items and send them location-based offers and rewards. And, by showing competitors’ prices and social reviews, you can persuade customers who might be showrooming to buy from you.

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