Highest quality, lowest total cost of ownership

Displaydata labels are acknowledged to be the best-performing. As well as being fully graphic, they deliver superior image quality, color consistency and brightness, enhancing the in-store environment.

Ultra light infrastructure & self install
Comprehensive, centralised management
Proven scale.
Installations of over 100,000 displays in a single site
Deployed in the largest chains across the USA, Europe and the rest of the world

Displaydata is the fastest growing ESL vendor, with the largest installed base of ESLs in the US, and a solution that’s also the most widely deployed among the world’s leading tier-one retailers.

Forward-thinking retailers are implementing our ESL solutions at a rapid rate, with common goals being to boost sales, protect margins, increase associate utilisation and ensure price and promo accuracy and consistency across every channel.

Our ESLs are the highest quality and best performing available using our exclusive DisplaydataLUT technology. They are the most advanced and still only centralized, enterprise-class solution, offering lowest TCO of any electronic shelf label vendor. Our installation costs are low and our maintenance uses the least amount of hardware of any vendor with no need to close stores and disrupt customers.

Additionally our solution maximises battery lifespan versus any other vendor. Our batteries generally last for 10 years – and that’s accounting for 3 changes a day. We are the first ESL provider to use sub-1Ghz in our enterprise-class solution and consider ourselves to be the world’s leading experts in this field. No servers are needed in-store and our labels are optimised over-the-air.

Our clients are able to act on all big data insights and price recommendations with limitless label changes, they execute the right price and promo changes – at the right time.

Displaydata ESLs - Highest Quality Lowest TCO

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Coop Denmark

Case Study: Helping Coop Denmark reduce costs and maximise efficiency.

Displaydata CA-29 ESL

Displaydata and Ligna Energy join forces to revolutionize retail with sustainable electronic shelf labels (ESLs)

Empowering retailers to prioritize sustainability by replacing traditional lithium batteries with eco-friendly alternatives

Displaydata ESLs

Electronic Shelf Edge Labels (ESL) Solutions

The world’s best ESLs with an ultra light infrastructure, self-install, and comprehensive centralised management.

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