Managed service solutions

The simple, cost-effective way to deploy and monitor your ESLs – across one store or thousands

Simple, fast deployment
No in-ceiling domes
No in-store servers or ‘switches’
Cloud managed
Removes additional load on internal resource
Proactive fault detection and resolution
Predictable OpEx
24/7 monitoring

Focus where it matters most

Free your team from focusing on the technical aspects of managing an ESL solution, to instead concentrate on ROI, the validation of use cases and business benefits. Quickly and easily deploy and maintain an enterprise-class ESL solution without burdening your IT team – there’s no need for them to learn a new system, set up a server or manage databases. Your ESLs can be managed centrally 24/7 by us.

Speed & simplicity

We manage everything remotely for you with super fast deployment. New instances can be deployed in a fraction of the time.

We provide a simple yet powerful web interface, managed from a single location to change and monitor labels – with no need for software, servers, switches, domes or core appliances in each store.

Communicators are easily installed with a simple bracket, powered over Ethernet (PoE) and remotely configured. No cabling, servers, switches, domes or core appliances needed in-store. Meaning no cherry-pickers, no big teams of installers and no store closures required.

Just one communicator can manage 200,000 labels across 50,000 square feet – with no need for software or servers in-store. Got more space or labels? Just add more communicators. Communicators let you know if label updates have been made. They also stream label status, battery life and temperature – data that can be used to remotely optimise each label.

End-to-end connectivity with unparalleled industry coverage, and OTA (over-the-air) updates, and we offer interference immunity by operating in an uncongested sub-1 GHz frequency that suffers no interference from 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. Displaydata offers the highest data throughput rate of any ESL vendor.

Displaydata Aeon displays at Bauhaus

Compliance reports for price and promo changes 

Receive reports on requested price and promo changes to ensure 100% accuracy across your ESL estate. You retain total visibility and are able to track changes effortlessly. We are the only software platform with centralised architecture to manage every in-store communicator and electronic shelf label – across one store or thousands.

Scale your deployment with speed and ease 

Managed Service Solutions is highly scalable, this is proven across thousands of stores and millions of ESLs. This allows you to expand your ESL deployment from a few stores to hundreds or thousands – with visibility, management and control over every single label provided via the secure web interface. You may wish to take over the hosting of our ESL solution if you have the resource to do this, or we can continue to host. This is easily done, and we will support you through the transition.There is an easy transition from pilots to estate-wide deployments.

Cost certainty

Reduce the operating costs of managing and maintaining an ESL solution with predictable monthly billing. Optimise efficiencies by reducing the operating costs of managing and maintaining an ESL solution: fully managed by Displaydata’s support team 24/7 with operations across the US and Europe. Central hardware, licensing and bandwidth are included so there are no hidden cost surprises.  With our ESL solution you greatly reduce ongoing costs.

Real-time data

View real-time monitoring and proactive alerts. We provide vital system visualisations that clearly show all activity and receive alerts 24/7 if critical issues are detected.

Our ESLs

The world’s best Electronic Shelf Labels. Run by a truly enterprise-class solution using only a single server instance. Our labels are recognised as being the brightest, sharpest and having the most consistent colours available.

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Displaydata Chroma Aeon 3- and 4-color ESLs

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Displaydata Chroma ESLS in a Bauhaus store

Bauhaus Denmark

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Displaydata Globus Baumarkt

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