Smarter pricing, stronger profits

Change any price, anywhere. Digitise the shelf-edge to boost basket sizes, grow margins, reduce waste and develop new income streams.

Our ESLs create agile, connected spaces that allow you to remotely update any number of labels, anywhere in seconds.

Margin and sales enhancing
Accurate pricing
Prompt promotions and deals
Support of ‘Dynamic deals’

Price is the #1 factor for making an in-store purchase. Yet it can be difficult for manufacturers to keep up with frequent product deals with paper labels.

Shoppers are hopping between digital and physical channels, expecting to see consistent pricing and information. Online retail poses a threat to bricks and mortar stores but the retailers who are succeeding are the innovators that recognise the need for new technology.

Consumers have access to more information than ever before with 82% of smart phone users consulting their phones before an in-store purchase. It’s essential for stores to keep up with shoppers demands for product information. Retailers can do this is by updating product information in real time with ESLs.

It’s time for retailers to focus on Dynamic Information. Ingredients and product country of origin are increasingly important to grocery shoppers, and with pack size and price per unit constantly fluctuating why not display this information at the shelf edge?

Embracing and offering Dynamic Information in today’s rapidly changing world is key to a successful future.

Displaydata ESLs give shoppers instant access to the facts that matter the most.

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