8 Business Benefits of Dynamic Cloud

Gartner, an international technology research specialist, has predicted that 80 percent of enterprises will have migrated away from in-store infrastructures and moved their systems into the cloud by 2025.

We have long since agreed with the researchers’ future forecasts, as we have seen the impact of our Dynamic Cloud managed services have had on our retail customers’ Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) solutions.

Gone are the days when staff went back to the back office, printed a piece of paper when a price changed, and ran to the shelf edge to scrape off an old label just to put up another one. Now, thanks to our Dynamic Cloud, ESLs are updated wirelessly in-store from a server managed by Displaydata.

This is a genuine game-changer. We manage the ESL solution, enabling retailers to have total freedom to do what they do best; managing their business, brand, prices, promotions, and delivering key messages to their customers.

Operating in the cloud eliminates the need for customers to use their own IT resources. Before remote services like Dynamic Cloud, customers had to provide and monitor their own servers, install software, patch the software, license the operation system, manage disaster recovery, and server backups, create their own data feeds and templates, and monitor for network outages.

Phew, that’s a lot of time and resources to tie up on an infrastructure that can be outsourced a lot easier and cheaper elsewhere.

A proven managed services solution, Dynamic Cloud is already allowing retailers to free up precious resources, make net cost savings and simplify faster ESL deployments.

For instance, Dynamic Cloud was a considerable factor when installing ESLs in one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing grocers, fitting over 100 stores in under three weeks.

Hundreds more installations are in the pipeline for the client, demonstrating the unparalleled scalability of the Dynamic Cloud.

This achievement is all the more remarkable because it was carried out during the turmoil of 2020’s unprecedented global Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Dynamic Cloud software already manages millions of ESLs for numerous multi-site retailers in-store estates located across four continents. They have all enjoyed faster deployments with shorter pilots thanks to the ease of use of the Dynamic Cloud managed service.

Substantial deployments for retailers include The Home Depot (over 1,800 stores and counting) and Kaufland (1,300 stores across seven countries). No matter how large or complex an estate, Dynamic Cloud has the capacity to easily cope with the workload.

If you want to discover the quickest and easiest path to success implementing ESLs for your retail business, check out these EIGHT Dynamic Cloud business benefits that are impossible to ignore:

1: Speed and Simplicity

Displaydata manages everything for you remotely with great speed and simplicity. Welcome to a new world of fast deployment and greatly reduced overheads.

Backups, upgrades, licensing and 24/7 proactive monitoring and responses are all yours when you operate in the Dynamic Cloud.

2: Maintain Pricing and Information Agility while Centralizing Data

Our real-time Dynamic Cloud service supports every type of pricing model.

What’s more, any associate with the appropriate authority can change the ESL content in seconds, be that a single ESL in a single store or across the whole enterprise.

Changes can be activated via existing hand-held devices or mobile apps while on the shop floor or from any connected location.

3: Access Real-time Data and Alerts

Our Dynamic Cloud service constantly monitors real-time data of the ESL network. The success of changes and well-being of every component in the system is continually monitored.

Two-way communication between the central system and every single ESL takes place multiple times a day.

The data we collect generates proactive alerts and reports on the flow of ESL content changes and system health checks.

4: Compliance Reports for Price and Promo Changes

Dynamic Cloud sends reports to any device. These show requested price, promotional and other changes have taken place as planned, with 100% accuracy.

No matter the size of your solution, you are always guaranteed 100% visibility, management, and control over every single label.

Remember, you access this via any secure web interface, no matter where you are.

5: Reduce Your IT Costs

Using the Dynamic Cloud service enables our experts to manage the system remotely. This dramatically reduces your own in-house IT costs and resources because Displaydata provides and maintains the servers and manages Dynamic Cloud software for you. This allows your in-house tech experts to use their expertise to focus on other key tasks.

6: Assists Managing the Cost and Scale of ESL Roll Out

You can scale your deployment to match your operational circumstances, budgets, and challenges. ESL usage is easily expanded from a few stores worth of displays to hundreds, or even thousands. Dynamic Cloud seamlessly matches the deployment profile and costs scaling in parallel.

7: Inexpensive Testing and Piloting</h4 >

Dynamic Cloud says goodbye to licenses and expensive hardware from your start-up costs. These dramatic savings immediately improve your ROI and reduces CAPEX during pilots and roll outs.

You don’t have to spend precious resources setting up servers and an infrastructure, even in the early days of testing and proving out your new ESL solution.

Displaydata will automatically provide you with appropriate bandwidth to manage your business in the cloud. This allows you to focus on what you are good at — running your business — while letting Displaydata manage the ESL solution.

8: Minimal Staff Training Required

There is no need for in-depth training for in-house IT teams to learn how to run and support an enterprise-level piece of software. Because Dynamic Cloud is a managed service, we do it all for you, leaving you to make sure you give your customers a seamless experience.

Download our Dynamic Cloud Infographic here.

Standing out from your competitors

A Dynamic Cloud experience is not only an enhanced and beneficial managed solution for your business and associates, but also for your customers when they walk into your store.

Accurate and timely promotions and discounts, detailed product information, price matches with competitors, delivering up-to-date product review information and real-time ratings become simpler to deliver with Dynamic Cloud. You focus on what you want on the ESL and we will focus on getting it there. Our solution makes it easy to test promotions and experiment with content changes in a way you could never have imagined.

The bottom line is Displaydata’s Dynamic Cloud ensures you genuinely stand out from your competitors enabling you to grow your business.

Would you like to arrange an immediate chat about your business and the Dynamic Cloud?  We look forward to chatting with you. Or alternatively, download a brochure for more information.