Case Study


Improving the customer experience and pleasing associates at BAUHAUS Denmark


Reduction in price errors

Agile pricing for sales and markdowns

Improved associate morale

Improved customer service

Very few people think that the task to print price labels and replace them in the 11,200 m² store is the most fun job in the world. Now associates are released to do what they are best at, and actually trained in – customer service.

Mads Jørgensen, CEO of all BAUHAUS stores in Denmark, Norway and Iceland


BAUHAUS wanted to improve the customer experience in-store while reducing price errors and relieving associates from the time-consuming process of amending paper-based price labels.


BAUHAUS has recently engaged with Displaydata and partner Delfi Technologies to roll out Displaydata’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) in its store in Tilst, Denmark. The ESLs are used on more than 40,000 items stocked at Tilst and are immediately visible when shoppers enter the store. Each ESL can be remotely changed in seconds using a single computer at the BAUHAUS head office. Implementation of the labels was painless and completed in less than a month.


After the integration of the ESLs the level of price errors is minimal. In the past, many price changes in the lead-up to a campaign were executed the day before by associates, creating the possibility that shoppers purchased goods before the campaign announcement. But now that prices are changed in seconds, the danger of discrepancies between what’s paid at the checkout and the advertised price is removed. The agile nature of the ESLs also means it’s much easier to run campaigns and exploit potential new areas of sales because it takes only a few seconds to change prices.

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