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Taking Electric Signage from the Supermarket to the Office

We looked at iPads and similar screens, as we wanted an electronic solution, but the economic costs and complexity did not match the relatively simple solution with great benefits that we were looking for.

René Severinsen, IT Product Owner, Dagrofa


Dagrofa is a Danish retail company that controls the distribution to franchise stores operating under the SPAR, Meny and Kiwi brands in Denmark, and owns 40+ stores itself. Over the years, employees have faced the challenge of staying organized with regards to employee work spaces. Their traditional method included manually changing the paper signs outside of office rooms to indicate which employee was using the room – a confusing process due to the lack of upkeep and coordination.

This meant Dagrofa employees could never fully trust the accuracy of the names on the door. That, and the cost-heavy task of manually changing labels inspired Dagrofa and its IT department to consider other solutions.


Dagrofa had already been using Displaydata’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) in the majority of their supermarkets for a number of years, which led René Severinsen, IT Product Owner at Dagrofa, to incorporate the concept of ESLs into its offices and meeting rooms during the summer of 2017.”

“We looked at iPads and similar screens, as we wanted an electronic solution, but the economic costs and complexity did not match the relatively simple solution with great benefits that we were looking for,” said Severinsen.

“I contacted Displaydata’s partner Delfi Technologies, and together we worked on a viable solution.”


Following expanding ESLs from the supermarkets into Dagrofa’s offices, the retailer now enjoys a more reliable and clear labelling process. To the right of all offices in the Dagrofa building, a large Displaydata ESL displays

a room number, department and name of the person or team who work in each room. There is enough space for four names on each sign and at group offices where there are more than four employees, there are two ESLs displayed. Additionally, Dagrofa’s recognisable red logo is located in the right-hand corner of each ESL for consistent internal branding.

At Dagrofa, the Displaydata ESLs are managed through a simple Google spreadsheet complete with names, departments and room numbers that directly feed into the office signs and can be easily updated when there are any changes made within the organization.

If the room number or name is changed within the spreadsheet, the server automatically updates the ESL.

This more efficient strategy replaced what was a relatively expensive and time-intensive solution that required an external company to do the graphic work.

The easy-to-manage Displaydata ESLs have been extremely beneficial for a large, evolving company like Dagrofa, where employees are frequently changing departments or working with new project groups in the office or around the world. Now, offices are clearly labelled, allowing Dagrofa to more easily coordinate office layouts and staffing.

Dagrofa are currently working towards expanding this effort from staff offices and all meeting rooms, to simultaneously ensure streamlined meeting coordination and identification.

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