Case Study


Improving the look and performance of T-Mobile Austria’s concept stores


Pricing and product information updated straight from HQ

Near-immediate reactions to market changes, strengthening competitive advantage

Customer experience dramatically improved

40% saved on material costs and employee hours

Innovative digital labels complement next generation store design

As one of the world’s leading telecommunication companies, T-Mobile offers the latest in technological innovations of the highest international quality. We sell the most advanced
 technologies and we want to use them in our store as well.

Lasse Schneider, Head of Retail and Telesales Consumer Market


The telecoms giant needed a way to integrate products and pricing into its new concept stores.


T-Mobile implemented Displaydata and partner MMIT’s solution, using Electronic Shelf Labels to update product and pricing information automatically across both existing and new stores.


T-Mobile became the first mobile operator in Austria to use digital price labels, enhancing its reputation for retail innovation. Now, pricing and product information is updated quickly and securely, straight from HQ. The solution enables T-Mobile to react immediately to changes in the market, helping the company stay ahead of the competition in the highly competitive mobile phone sector. Customers always see the best price and the most current product information.

Productivity and profitability are on the rise too, with T-Mobile saving approximately 40% on material costs and employee hours as a result of swapping printed and cut paper labels for smart, graphic display labels.

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